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This Day in Track & Field–May 30

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1975–Steve Prefontaine died when his car overturned as he was returning home from a post-meet party shortly after running his final race at Hayward Field in Eugene, Oregon.

            From Tom Jordan, the author of “Pre!” and the former director of the Pre Classic: “That I both wrote the book and ended up the director of the Prefontaine Classic sometimes seems almost mildly mystical to me.  It’s not like I set out to become the meet director of the Pre Classic.  I wrote the book while working at Track & Field News in California in 1977 and didn’t move to Eugene until 1982”.

“When the position came open in 1984, the Oregon Track Club asked me to take over, and I’ve been doing it ever since (he retired after the 2021 meet).  That it was a meet named after Steve Prefontaine made it more than just a job.  I really did want to see it reflect the impact he had upon my generation, and to have it help keep his memory alive.  Thanks to the great support from Nike, we’ve accomplished that.” Interested folks can purchase the 2nd edition of the PRE! book, which has a totally different set of photos than the first volume,  from amazon.com http://tinyurl.com/mcq5f4

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