This Day in Track & Field-June 1

1917–BYU’s Clint Larson bettered the existing World Record in the High Jump with a leap of 6-7  7/8(2.025?) in Provo, Utah. Since it was an exhibition event, the mark was never ratified.

1935–Yale senior Keith Brown set a World Record of 14-5  1/8 (4.39m) in the Pole Vault at the IC4A Championships at Harvard. Brown had tied for 1st at the 1933 and 1934 IC4A Championships.

WR Progression


1954–Emil Zátopek set his 5th (and final) World Record for 10,000-meters, running 28:54.2 in Brussels.

WR Progression,000_metres_world_record_progression

29:35.4    Viljo Heino  FIN  August 25,1944

29:28.2    Emil Zátopek CZE June 11, 1949

29:27.2        Heino  1949  September 1, 1949

29:21.2        Zátopek  October 22, 1949

29:02.6        Zátopek  August 4, 1950

29:01.6        Zátopek  November 1, 1953

28:54.2        Zátopek  June 1, 1954

28:42.8    Sándor Iharos HUN July 15, 1956

2023–HOKA Festival of Miles–St. Louis, MO, June 1

For the first time in history, 4 high school boys broke 4 minutes for the Mile in the same race. The winner in 3:57.53 was Simeon Birnbaum (Rapid City Stevens, SD), and he was followed by Rocky Hansen (Christ School,NC-3:58.23), Tinoda Matsatsa (St.Andrew’s, MD-3:58.70), and Jackson Heidesch (Dowling, IA-3:59.08). They moved into the 4-8-9-11 positions on the All-Time list (At the time–See below).

Pre-race talk of a possible challenge to Alan Webb’s national record of 3:53.43 was a little too optimistic, but pacer extrodinaire Erik Sowinski did his best to ensure a fast race, taking the field through the first half mile in 1:58.0, with Connor Burns (Southern Boone County, MO) right behind in 1:58.2. Burns, who ran 3:58.83 in the Open Mile here in 2022, would fade to 7th (4:03.25).

There are now 22 members of the prep sub-4 club, with 10 of those runners joining in the last 3 years!


Boys Sub-4 Club (From T&F News)

(i-indoor, *-Junior)

3:53.43   Alan Webb (South Lakes, Reston, VA)                 2001

3:55.3h   Jim Ryun (East, Wichita, KS)                              1965

3:56.24   Colin Sahlman (Newbury Park, CA)                      2022

3:57.53  Simeon Birnbaum (Stevens, Rapid City, SD)        2023

3:57.66i  Hobbs Kessler (Skyline, Ann Arbor, MI)                 2021

3:57.72   Drew Griffith  (Butler,PA)                                  2024

3:57.81i  Drew Hunter (Loudoun Valley, Purcellville, VA)       2016

3:57.89   Gary Martin (Wood, Warminster, PA)                   2022

3:58.23  Rocky Hansen (Christ, Arden, NC)                 2023

3:58.70  Tinoda Matsatsa (St.Andrew’s, Potomac, MD)     2023       

3:58.83   *Connor Burns (Southern Boone, Ashland, MO)      2022

3:59.08  Jackson Heidesch (Dowling, IA)                   2023

3:59.30   Reed Brown (Carroll, Southlake, TX)                    2017

3:59.33   Rheinhardt Harrison (Nease, FL)                         2022

3:59.38   Matthew Maton (Summit, Bend, Oregon)              2015

3:59.38   Grant Fisher (Grand Blanc, Michigan)                   2015

3:59.4h   Tim Danielson (Chula Vista, California)                 1966

3:59.53   Michael Slagowski (Rocky Mountain, Meridian, ID)   2016

3:59.54   Leo Daschbach (Highland, Gilbert, AZ)                 2020

3:59.71   *Lukas Verzbicas’ (Sandburg, Orland Park, IL)        2011

3:59.8h   Marty Liquori (Essex Catholic, Newark, NJ)            1967

3:59.87i  JoJo Jourdon (Olympus, Salt Lake City, Utah)        2024