The PARIS TEN, the finest 10,000 meters in the world, will be happening this coming weekend. 

Two dozen of the finest 10,000-meter runners in the world will compete on March 16, 2024. Joe Klecker should be in the thick of the 25-lap race. 

We thought you might like to see this Zoom interview of Joe Klecker from when he joined the OAC. 

Joe Klecker has had an incredible three-plus years with On Athletic Club. He was part of the first squad and has developed to a fantastic level under Dathan Ritzehein, OAC’s founding coach.

Joe is a tremendous athlete, with his future at 10,000 meters and some excellent races of over 3,000 meters and 5,000 meters.

Joe joined the OAC with Oliver Hoare and Alicia Monson in August 2020, when the OAC was founded. Outdoors, Joe Klecker has run 3:37.00 (2021), 3000m in 7:39.18 (2021), and some gutty runs last year, like a 5000m in 12:55.16 in 2023 and a superb 10,000m in 27:07.17 also in 2023, at THE TEN previous year.

Indoors, Joe Klecker has had some scarily fast times, including 7:34.14 for 3000m in 2021. At 2 Miles, Joe ran 8:14.20 in 2021 and a 5,000m in 12:54.99, pushing Woody Kincaid to a then-American record!

This coming Saturday, March 16, 2024, Joe Klecker will run 25 laps at the Sound Running PARIS TEN to get under the Olympic standard of 27:00.00.

Joe Klecker and Woody Kincaid battle over 5000m, John Terrier Classic Indoor Track & Field, photo by Kevin Morris

The field is tremendous, as meet director Jesse Williams has assembled an immense field for the 2024 meeting.

The following interview is a fun one to view. Joe Klecker was at the very beginning of his career at OAC. His PBs have improved tremendously, and his fearlessness is apparent.

Woody Kincaid and Joe Klecker battle at The TEN, March 4, 2023, photo by Wendy Shulik/Wendy City Video

We can not wait to see Joe Klecker competing at THE TEN this weekend with the best 25 lappers in the world.

Enjoy the race, which can be seen here.

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One of the absolutely satisfying parts of my job is conducting interviews. I always learn something new while researching the coaches, athletes, and critical players I interview.

I knew both of Joe’s parents, who were fine athletes. Joe’s father, Barney Klecker, held the 50-mile and 50-kilometer American records. Joe’s Mom, Janice, was a 1992 marathon Olympian and American record holder at the 50-kilometer run.

Joe Klecker is a nine-time All-American and 11-time NCAA qualifier at the University of Colorado. Now coached by Dathan Ritzenhein and competing for the On Athletic Club, Joe has set personal bests at 1,500m (3:37.55) and 5,000m (13:28.98).

Joe Klecker, CU Invite, photo by CU sports

I enjoyed the conversation with Joe Klecker and hope you will, too!

Special thanks to Joe Klecker.

Special thanks to Mike Deering for producing #socialingthedistance.

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