ROME  24 DAY 1


“Nowadays, there is a war in Ukraine. We train under very difficult conditions. I do not know even if my five-year-old son saw me competing today because in Ukraine the infrastructure is broken. They do not have electricity, there is no internet, no light, so I do not know if he saw me on the TV,” Lyudmila Olyanovska after winning the bronze medal in the 20km race walk.


Massive attempt by Simon Ehammer in the long jump qualification – 841, a world leading mark. Also, Ireland coming close to the European record in the 4×400 m.


Ireland, winning the mixed 4x400m relay and beating the Netherlands in strongest composition with Femke Bol. Men’s discus with Olympic and World champion Daniel Stahl out of the podium and world record holder Mykolas Alekna is undefeated this season, only third. Out in qualifications Ennaoui, Osakue, Meziane, English, Pravdica.

MEDALS ( 10 countries)

ITA 2-2-0, NED 1-1-1, IRL 1-0-0, SLO 1-0-0

POINTS (17 countries)

ITA 32, NED 26, GER 23, ESP 18, SWE 9


Yes (1): Schilder

No (2): Ntrismpioti (20kmW), Alekna

NC (1): Klosterhalfen


WL (2): 841 long jump Ehammer, 3:09.92 mixed 4x400m Ireland

CR (2): 3:09.92 mixed 4x400m Ireland, 14:35.29 5000m Battocletti

EL (2): 841 long jump Ehammer, 3:09.92 mixed 4x400m Ireland

NR (7): 2 – Italy, 1 – Belgium, Estonia, Finland, Ireland, Spain

AGENTS (individual gold medals)
1- Alfons Juck, Marius Kranendonk, Marcello Magnani, Palmisano has no agent.

STATS (by Ken Nakamura)

67.50 by Alekna is the second-longest DT (behind 69.06 by Ceh from 2022) in the qualifying round of the European Championships. It is also 12th longest throw in European Championships

1:44.73 by Anselmini is the fastest first-round time of 800m in Euro Champ and the 8th fastest time of 800m in Euro Champ. Dudycha clocked 1:44.89 Czech NR U20 and 6th best ever European U20. Sisk with 1:45.87 is the fastest non-qualifier from heats at Europeans.

8.41 by Ehammer is the third long jump in Euro Champ; it is also the longest jump in the qualifying round of Euro Champ. 794 was the first nonqualifier, which equals the best nonqualifying mark in Euros.

9:30.00 by Rutto is the fastest first-round time of W3000mSC in Euro Champ; in the second heat the time was improved to 9:29.28 by Finot

1.95 by Thiam is the third-highest HJ during Euro Champ Heptathlon

SP qualifying
21.10 by Fabbri is the fourth-longest SP in the qualifying round of Euro Champ

Women 20Km Walk
The 0-second difference between 3rd and 4th is the smallest ever for W20kmWalk in the European Championships. First gold for ITA in W20km walk although Italian has won 10km walk previously. ITA went one-two at W20km walk.  Previously they went one-two at W10km walk, but only RUS want 1-2 at 20km Walk.

Ceh won their first gold for SLO at DT in the Euro Championships, the first Slovenian male athlete to win gold.  First loss for Alekna this year.  All medalists from 2018 and 2022 were competing.

18.77 is the shortest winning mark since 1966 at WSP in the European Championships. For the second consecutive championship, NED won two medals by the same athletes in WSP in the European Championships
Gold and Bronze were used two years ago, and gold and silver are used today.

14:35.29 by Nadia Battocletti is a championship record and national record. Winning margin of 3.33 sec is the third largest for W5000m in Euro Champs. Best marks for places from first to at least 10th were recorded.


ROME (ITA): Femke Bol (49.21), Sharlene Mawdsley (49.40), Rashidat Adeleke (49.53), Alexander Doom (44.16), Isay Klein Ikkink (44.68), and Luca Sito (44.75) achieved the fastest mixed 4×400 m relay splits.

ROME (ITA): There was a dramatic battle for the bronze medal in the 20km race walk. Ukraine’s Lyudmila Olyanovska storms past Spain’s Garcia-Caro, who was already celebrating and didn’t realize the Ukrainian was closing in rapidly. The difference at the end was 0.2 s.

ROME (ITA): The reigning World champion Katarina Johnson-Thompson withdrew from the heptathlon since she did not start in 200m, the final discipline of the first day. She had dropped to ninth place following the shot put, the third event. Her coach, Aston Moore, said the decision had been taken due to a “small niggle in her right leg”. Moore added: “We don’t want to risk losing any time from training, which could be the result if she was to carry on competing with it for another day.” From BBC.

ROME (ITA): Following a successful appeal against the decision to award Poland’s Klaudia Wojtunik a false start in the 100m hurdles heats, the Technical Delegates have arranged for her to run again alone to try to qualify for the semifinals. She achieved 13.22, faster than the required qualifying time (13.23 secs), and qualified for the semifinals.

ROME (ITA): Roma 2024 is the fourth time in the last 20 years that stadiums staging the European Athletics Championships will have Mondo athletics tracks. Both stadiums were recently equipped with brand-new Mondo athletics tracks. Stadio Olimpico installed a Mondotrack WS track in October 2023 and a training venue at the Stadio Marmi with a Sportflex Super XTM 720 track installed just a few weeks ago.