Molly Caudery gives Team GB a second gold medal for the night!

The women’s pole vault is one of the most popular events in our sport.

The level of competition in the Women’s pole vault is incredibly high. Olympic champion Katie Moon; European champion Wilma Murto; Olympic, European, and World Champion Katerina Stefanidi; two-time World Indoor Champ Sandi Morris; and Olympic bronze medalist Eliza McCartney.

Molly Caudery, preparing to vault, Glasgow 2024, photo by Martin Bateman

We sometimes forget that these events are challenging to both the mental and physical limits of normal humans.

There was a break around 4.65 meters when French champion Margot Chevrier fell into the vault box and broke her ankle. There was a long break as Margot was taken off the track. We wish her a quick recovery.

Molly Caudery had an incredible season, as the British vaulter cleared 4.80m, 4.83m, 4.85m, and 4.86m this season. Two seasons ago, she injured her finger, required surgery, and took nine months away from the pole vault.

Sandi Morris was the first out, missing three times at 4.75m, finishing fifth.

Molly Caudery with Eliza McCartney at the athletics world indoor championships, photo by Martin Bateman

Angelica Moser, former European champion from Switzerland, cleared 4.40m on first attempt, 4.55m on second attempt, 4.65 on first attempt, needed 3 attempts at 4.75m, and then misssed at 4.80m three times, finishing 4th.

Olympic champion Katie Moon, two-time World Champion, cleared 4.55m on first, passed at 4.65m, took two attempts to clear 4.75m, and then missed her three attempts to the next height of 4.80m, taking the bronze. One wonders out loud if her Achilles was troubled in this competition.

The battle for the gold came down to Eliza McCartney, who cleared 4.55m on first, needed two times on 4.65m, cleared 4.75m on first, Eliza took 3 attempts at 4.80m.

Molly Caudery, the world leader, cleared 4.55m and 4.65m on the first attempt and 4.75m on the second attempt, and the second attempt needed 4.80 meters.

Molly Caudery and Katie Moon, at the athletics world indoor championships, photo by Martin Bateman

What is the difference between Eliza McCartney and Molly Caudery? That third attempt by Eliza at 4.80 meters!

Molly Caudery made three attempts at 4.85m and missed on all three.

Eliza McCartney missed on her first attempt at 4.85m, passed, and moved to 4.90m, missing on her last two attempts.

The gold would go to Molly Caudery, GB, 4.80m. Silver would go to Eliza McCartney, NZ, 4.80m, and Bronze to Katie Moon, USA, 4.75m.

Molly Caudery, happy in front of an arena with her cheering countrypeople, noted to the media: “After two surgeries last year, I felt like I was losing belief in myself and that motivation at times. But that’s part of being an athlete – you have to turn up each day, get it done, and trust that you’re on the right flight path. I honestly can’t believe I’m a world champion in an Olympic year. To go from injury to world level was hard enough. To be a world indoor champion is astonishing to me. It’s not sunk in. I just don’t have the words for what just happened. It was so so special. My dreams are coming true. I’m loving absolutely every single moment of this journey. After last year, I had a bit more fire in me.”

Molly Caudery, at the athletics world indoor championships, photo by Martin Bateman

Katie Moon, bronze medalist, noted to the media what many had suspected:
“I hate to see anyone dealing with injuries, but we have many. I’m just grateful to be walking away with a medal and not in any more pain than I came in with. The Achilles is still bothersome, and I haven’t been able to run or vault on it these past two weeks, so it’s not what you want coming to a championship. I hate coming in feeling under-prepared, but I still wanted to try and give it a go, and I’m glad I did. It was sub-par, but I’m proud to have received a medal. It instils a lot of coinfidence to know that when I get it take care of I can push back up into the outdoor season. I am pretty excited if I can earn a medal feeling like this.”

This is Molly Caudery. She has just won the world indoor title in the pole vault. Molly delivered at WIC Glasgow 2024, photo by Martin Bateman.