I recall a conversation with Harry Marra, the coach of decathlon great Ashton Eaton. Harry once told me that the decathlon presents ten ways to either fail or get injured.

I consider that when I view a championship marathon. Some people can race championships marathons, some can run big city marathons, which can become, glorified time trials.

Championship marathons must develop organically. Are you going to take the bait and follow a break? Are you going to bide your time? Are you going to charge away?

Emily Sisson was presented with that set of circumstances in Orlando, when Fiona OKeeffe broke away at mile 17 in 5:16.

Emily followed suit, and found herself by herself as Fiona pulled a Mark Conover, (1988 Oly Trials champ over Ed Eyestone ), shuffling away, mile after mile.

Emily’s job on Saturday was to make the team, period with least damage to her body.

Emily Sisson insured her ticket to Paris with a well run 2:22.42 for second.

Now, let’s see if Emily Sisson tries for the 10,000m in July!