Editor’s Note: One of the most fascinating parts of the running shoe business is the resurrection of iconic brands. Diadora is a case in point. The Atomo V7000 is getting on the walls of key running stores because young consumers love kicking around in it. Diadora USA gets it and is putting some shoes with classic looks, Italian design, and culture and having some success! 

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This is #FORSHOEGEEKS, our new video column on some of the culture, history, and footwear in the performance running business.

Today we are looking at the Atomo V7000 from DIADORA.

Many know DIADORA for their football shoes, apparel, and, in North America, their football balls.

DIADORA, founded in 1948, has a long history of running footwear, with many top athletes in Europe running in the brand. In fact, Seb Coe licensed the DIADORA brand in the UK in the 1990s (I recall because we helped promote the brand).

DIADORA is another prime example of the high quality of European-made running shoes and the history of brands in Europe. The Italian brand is huge in football, and many of all ages like to hang out in DIADORA because they like their style. Runners, around the world, are coming to see DIADORA as a brand to truly consider for their running needs. The product is well-designed, well-built, and priced competitively.

DIADORA USA has introduced the DIADORA Atomo V7000, which is a well-built, motion control shoe. I like the look, and the word I would use to describe the shoe is “sturdy”. The attention to detail (made in Italy) is obvious.

I will follow up with a review once I have spent a couple of weeks in the shoe.

I do think DIADORA should be on your list to try and see if if fits into your running footwear needs.

As always, check DIADORA out at a local running store.

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