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This is #CoffeeWithLarry for Tuesday, January 16, 2024.
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Jammin Jazzleberry, photo from JAMBAR
Our topics today:
1. Pace Events took over the management of the #RAKHalfmarathon at the request of the RAK Tourist Commission. RaK Half is Feb. 24, 2024, Check out the
Benard Kibet wins 2023 RAK Half Marathon, photo by Giancarlo Colombo/RAK Organizers
2. USATF Cross Country Champs are this coming weekend on January 20, 2024, check it out at Oliver Hinson will be covering it for #RunBlogRun.
3. The Maurie Plant is February 15, 2024. the Maurie Plant honors one of my favorite managers/advisors/mediaconsultants, the Late Maurie Plant, who loved Australia and its athletes.
4. The New Balance Indoor GP is February 4, 2024, www.nbindoorgrandprix.
5. The Marathon Olympic Trials was held in February 3, 2024,
6. The RAK Half Marathon is February 24, 2024; here’s our story link,…/stars-descend-on-ras-al…
7. Jeff Benjamin wrote this piece on Jim Thorpe getting the AAU Hall of Fame Induction:…/highlight-of-2023-an-aau…
8. Last weekend was the #ChevronHoustonMarathon weekend, here’s the story from Dave Monti:…/records-tumble-at-chevron…
9. Chris Nilsen leads the #MillroseGames pole vault for men, first time for Men’s PV since 2014!…/mens-pole-vault-is-back-at…
Chris Nilsen, USA, advances to final in pole vault, photo by Kevin Morris
10. This is Stuart Weir’s piece on Laura Muir and her year of 2023,…/a-happy-athlete-is-a-fast…
This is #CoffeewithLarry! See you tomorrow!