This is Coffee with Larry.

Today is Thursday, October 4, 2023.

Coffee with Larry is our almost daily news podcast on all things athletics.

Our topics today:

We just returned from my first vacation in five years and enjoyed our time in Lisbon.
Back to Fall in Wisconsin and enjoying the weather.
The Chicago Marathon is here. Will Kelvin Kitum and Sifan Hassan make history in the Windy City?
The Berlin Marathon had another Eliud KIpchoge win and an incredible WR by Tigst Assefa!
One day after Tigist Assefa ran WR in new adidas racing flat, considered by many the BEST racing super shoe out there, a limited drop of the shoes sold out globally in less than 24 hours.
RIGA 2023 was pretty darn successful, big news was who did not win-Faith Kipyegon.
The track season ended in spectacular fashion with Budapest 2023 and Pre 2023!
See you tomorrow!</li>