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This is Coffee with Larry for Sunday, July 9, 2023.
Coffee with Larry is our almost daily podcast on the news of the sport. I go down rabbit holes daily, fortified by some caffeinated drink, like coffee, tea, or a Starbucks Nitro cold brew (one a week).
Today’s topics:
1. Day 3 was spectactular!
2. Sydney McLaughlin Levrone ran 48.74; she will get WR before the Paris 2024 meet.
3. Athing Mu was impressive in 1,500m, down six seconds to 4:03.
4. Nikki Hiltz ran a spectacular win in 1,500m.
5. Yared Nuguse lead a tough 1,500m.
6. Men’s Pole vault had some big surprises, with Chris Nilson taking the win.
7. The women’s shot put was an impressive display of athleticism, with Maggie Ewan taking the win!
8. The women’s steeplechase gave us a new start in Krissy Gear, who charged to the lead over the last barrier and took a win from Emma Coburn, who looked awesome as well.
9. Kenneth Rooks, NCAA champion, hit a barrier, recovered, sprinted to a win, and ran a PB. Coach Ed Eyestone should be mighty proud.
10. The men’s 400m was one of best we have had in years. Bryce Deadmon over Vernon Norwood was pretty cool.
11. 9,000 in the stadium last night was a record for US champs, and with the usurious pricing at hotels and airfare more expensive than flying to Budapest, very happy with those numbers.