This is Coffee with Larry, the daily news podcast from #RunBlogRun on the global word in #trackandfield.

This is the broadcast for Wednesday, July 12, 2023. This podcast was recorded in the Financial District Hilton in San Francisco, CA. I have been a Hilton lifer since 1987; this is my fave #Hilton anywhere (the second is Old Town Prague).

Our topics today:

1. Tremendous US team going to Budapest, thanks to coverage by David Hunter, Sam Fariss, Justin Lagat, Deji Ogeyingbo, How Lao, and Kevin Morris.

2. The Mixed zone, managed by Natalie Uhl and Aarty Parkh, gave the media several good opps to interview key athletes.

3. I went to the top of the track for media seating on July 6, then sat at the 200m turn on July 7, 110m hurdles start on July 8, and above the finish line on July 9. Great to speak with fans, coaches, friends, and new friends.

4. My take? Not much has changed in the sport. I applaud Hayward Magic and Tracktown for bringing in new photographers and journalists into the sport. It is important to bring young media, young media of color, and opportunities for LBGTQ and female media, which are few and far between.

5. If you have an idea on coverage of the sport, email me at I am supporting new media and am always looking to new opportunities.

6. My take #2: Hayward Field is glorious; however, unless Tracktown can control the hotel costs and help figure out creative ways to get fans to Eugene, with either cheaper flights or buses between PDX, Seattle, and Eugene, we will have the same problem.

7. LA Grand Prix and NYC Grand Prix meet in the right direction. USATF champs had a good audience, but it was NOT biggest US champs ever in Eugene, as Jonathan Gault gently showed them via Twitter yesterday.

8. Such displays are pretty amateur. We have a World Champs coming up; show us your A game.

9. If you want to see how we can improve the sport, check out my interview with Robert Griffin III,

10. Check out David Hunter’s 4th column on USATF:


See you tomorrow at Coffee with Larry!