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This is Coffee with Larry for Thursday, March 7, 2024.
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Our topics:
1. Miltiadis Tentoglou created a stir about the new long jump changes, which Cathal Dennehy covered:…/world-athletics-proposals.
2. Noah Lyles took silver in the 60m and silver on the 4x400m,
Noah Lyles, the Clocks Doesn’t Lie,…/noah-lyles-the-clock… by Cathal Dennehy.
3. Rob Walker, “I was born to do commentary,” by Deji Ogeyingbo,…/rob-walker-i-was-born-to…
4. Femke Bol took 2 gold in Glasgow.
Femke Bol Walks on Water, by Stuart Weir,…/femke-bol-walks-on-water.html
5. Is Karsten a crazy Viking or just a guy from Norway?
Karsten Warholm, “It’s mostly for fun, to work in the snow”, by Deji Ogeyingbo,…/its-mostly-for-fun-karsten…
Karsten Warholm, Wanda Diamond League Athletics Meeting
Herculis EBS
July 21, 2023, Monaco, photo by Kevin Morris
6. Jemma Reekie took her first global medal.
A Silver Medal for Jemma Reekie, by Stuart Weir,…/silver-for-jemma-reekie.html
Jemma Reekie took silver in the w 800 meters, photo by Martin Bateman
7. The New Balance Indoor Champs are held March 7-10 in Boston. The first three days are at #ReggieLewis, and the last day is at #TheTRACKAtNewBalance! and
8. NCAA Indoor Track Champs, Div 1, is March 8-9 at #TheTrackatNewBalance; check out
9. The NIKE Indoor is the same weekend, March 7-10, at the #NIKEArmory in New York,
Addison Ritzenhein ran a 10:21.06 for 2 miles at the Nike Indoor, photo by Josh Rowe for NSAF.
10. I’m still not sure why two brands that care so much about high school participation limit participation in their events and hold events on the same weekend. It’s not good for the sport.
See you tomorrow for Coffee with Larry!