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This is Coffee with Larry for Monday, June 3, 2024.

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Our topics;

1. The Stockholm Bauhaus Meeting was fantastic.

2. Lemecha Girma runs WL of 8:01 steeple.

Lamecha Girma, WR photo by Marta Gorczynska, Diamong League AG for Diamond League

3. Mondo Duplantis ran 6.00 meters for the second time in three days, and Sam Kendricks ran 5.90 meters.

Mondo Duplantis is the king of his domain, the pole vault, photo by Kevin Morris.

4. Jemma Reekie won a big 800m in Stockholm in 1:57.

Jemma Reekie took silver in the w 800 meters, photo by Martin Bateman.

5. Laura Muir had a big win in 3:57 in the 1,500 meters.

Laura Muir, Zurich DL, photo by Diamond League AG

6. Stockholm DL had some incredible races!

7. Seb Coe, WA President, and Jon Ridgeon, COO, announce the World Athletics Ultimate Championships, Sept 11-13, 2026, in Budapest, Hungary. 400 athletes from 70 countries, based on world rankings, with $10 million in prize money and $150k gold medal awards, were announced.

Seb Coe and Dr. Schmidt Adam, LOC, photo courtesy of World Athletics

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