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This is #Coffee with Larry for Thursday, January 11, 2024.

Our topics today:

1. Special thanks to Jambar, the organic artisan sports nutrition bar, who has become our sponsor, please check out

Chocolate Cha Cha, from JAMBAR!

2. Please get your tickets for NB Indoor GP on February 4, 2024,

3. The Olympic Trials Marathon is only 3 weeks from now, in Orlando, who will be the big surprises? 

4. The World Indoors Champs in Glasgow will be March 2013, 2204 in Glasgow, Scotland.

5. The RAK Half marathon is now managed by PACE Events, please check out! The RAK Half takes place on February 24, 2024.

6. The Houston Marathon and Half Marathon are this weekend, watch for our coverage! Galen Rupp will be racing there!

7. Do not miss our new stories on Holly Bradshaw, Kate Moon, Laura Muir, and Josh Kerr!

Laura Muir, Zurich DL, photo by Diamond League AG

8. Des Linden will compete in the Olympic Trials in February and come back in April for the Boston Marathon.

9. Holly Bradshaw “I don’t know who I am. When I retire, who am I going to be?” by Stuart Weir,…/holly-bradshaw-i-dont-know… , #hollybradshaw, #polevault, #britishathletics, #stuartweir, #paris2024, #europeanathletics, #USATF, #tokyo2021, #olympics, #athletesandretirement,

10. Bold Predictions for African Athletics in 2024 , by Deji Ogeyingbo,…/bold-predictions-for… , #AfricanAthletics, #kelvinkiptum, #mariejosetalou, #tobiamusan, #akanisimbine, #letsiletebogo, #eliutdkipchoge,

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