This is my daily chat with #RunBlogRun viewers and track fans on all things track & field!
This is #coffeewithLarry for Wednesday, December 21, 2022.
Our topics today:
1. How do you learn from Observation?
2. Coaches like Jim Bush, Clyde Hart and Bobby Kersee learn each and every day, do you?
3. How do retailers learn new approaches?
4. What did I learn at my visit to Macy’s last week?
5. How do brands refresh and challenge?
6. Does your brand, company or team have someone who can challenge the status quo?
7. Eamon Coghlan, the Irishman who dominated indoor track and took 4th twice in Olympics, then won a World Championships!
8. Christmas movies, yes, Die Hard is a Christmas movie.
9. Getting ready for the Polar Vortex!



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