This is a public service for those running to Walgreens right now, on Christmas Eve, to find the perfect Christmas gift, I have them here. Note that I make no money on the suggestions below, all are from my shelves, my office, and my heart. 

This is my daily chat with #RunBlogRun viewers and track fans on all things track & field!

This is Coffee with Larry for December 23, 2023-December 25, 2023.

Our topics;

Some Very, Very last minute gifts for Christmas 2023.

1. Track & Field News, the bible of the sport, published since 1948, if you love track and field, geek out online and digitally!,

2. Athletics Weekly, your guide to the global world of track and field, published since 1945, online, social news, plus monthly magazine!

3. RunOhio subscription, one of our fave regional magazines,

4. New England Runner magazine, one of the very best regional magazines,

5. Minnesota Distance Running Association: Join their association and get their magazine!

6. Join the RRCA, founded in 1958; the RRCA is the oldest and largest running culture in the U.S. with great resources, insurance for races, individual and club membership, great group for high school coaches to join with their club!

7. USATF, the federation of USA Track & Field, where you must be a member to compete in their regional and national championships, great resources:

8. Dubai Marathon (sponsored), is still open! The event is on January 7, 2024.

9. New Balance Indoor Grand Prix, February 4, 2024, for tickets, take your family to a meet where the stars of Paris 2024 will be competing domestically!

10. Runners World magazine, founded in 1966, founded by Bob Anderson. I worked there from 1981-1987, and loved it. Fine magazine,

Books that should be on your shelves!

1. The Perfect Distance, Ovett and Coe by Pat Butcher, it is one of the finest books ever written on the sport,,

2. Quicksilver, the Mercurial Emil Zatopek,, by Pat Butcher, an incredible book on the greatest Olympic distance runner of all time, here’s a great review!

3. A Clean Pair of Heels (1967) by Garth Gilmour, the story of Murray Halberg, a treasured book about the 1960 Olympic gold medalist at 5,000 meters,

4. The Lonely Breed (1967), by Ron Clarke and Norman Harris, a wonderful book of stories from the Aussie WR holder, that will captivate you, the Jim Hogan story is worth the book,

5. SWOOSH, The Unauthorized story of NIKE and the Men who played there, by JB Strasser and Laurie Becklund, a tremendous book on the fascinating story of NIKE, a brand made of some people of much complication, a tremendous book,

6. The Dirtiest Race In History, by Richard Moore (2012), the story of the Men’s 100 meters from Seoul 1988, a great book on appreciating the complexity of drugs in sports,

7. Bowerman and the Men of Oregon, by Kenny Moore, one of his finest books, Kenny Moore is the finest writer of our times in track & field, a must read,

8. ONCE A RUNNER, by John Parker, Jr. , a novel about miler Quentin Cassidy, the cult running book, you are not a runner if you have not read this book, total classic,

9. Pre! by Tom Jordan, Tom Jordan wrote this book on Steve Prefontaine 3 plus decades ago, have read this one 20 times and revised Pre a couple times, again, you are not a runner if you do not read this, Tom’s writing is thoughtful, and a classic,

10. The Loneliness of the long distance runner, by Alan Sillitoe, a book of nine stories, the key story is about Smith, a 17 year old criminal who is given light work because of his running, a great read, a total classic,

11. New Gen T & F Magazine, not jut a magazine, but a movement, subscribe it sells out, I love this magazine!

12. The Irishman who ran for England, by Jim Hogan, Jim was the 1966 European champ at marathon, raced mile to marathon, quite good at 30k, ran in golden years of Brit running, important me because I spent time with Jim, 2006-2008, a great read,

Okay, hope this helps, Merry Christmas and love to all!

See you on December 26, 2023!