This is Deji Ogeyingbo’s update on WR holder Tobi Amusan’s provisional suspension due to the alleged missing of 3 whereabouts testing events. 


AIU provisionally suspends Tobi Amusan for doping violations  

The Athletics Integrity Unit has charged and provisionally suspended women’s 100m Hurdles record holder, Tobi Amusan, for three whereabouts failures. The Nigerian was told that the Disciplinary Tribunal will hear the charge and be determined before the World Athletics Championships.

A Provisional Suspension is when an Athlete or other Person is suspended temporarily from participating in any competition or activity in Athletics prior to a final decision at a hearing conducted under the World Athletics Anti-Doping Rules or the Integrity Code of Conduct.

Amusan made a public statement on her Instagram page, refuting the allegations against her and expressing her determination to fight for her innocence in order to participate in the upcoming World Championships in Budapest.

“I intend to fight this charge and will have my case decided by a tribunal of three arbitrators before the start of next month’s World Championships in Budapest,” Amusan’s release read on her Instagram page.

“I was tested within days of my third ‘missed test.’ I have faith the case will be resolved in my favor, and I will be competing at the World Championships in August.”

What does this mean for Tobi Amusan?

Tobi Amusan hugged the limelight in 2022 when she broke the world record in the women’s 100mH at the world championships in Eugene. Her time of 12.12s raised highbrows at first, but she followed that performance with a scintillating 12.06s (+2.5) run in the final. The Nigerian eventually went on to win the title and the Diamond League title in Zurich that same year. 

The Nigerian said she eventually had the test, but not at the time. The imposition of a Provisional Suspension in a non-doping case should not be interpreted as a presumption of guilt or a definitive verdict of wrongdoing. Instead, it is a precautionary measure implemented to protect the sport’s and its stakeholders’ integrity.

Such a suspension aims to ensure that all parties interests are safeguarded during the ongoing investigation or proceedings. It serves as a temporary action taken to maintain the fairness and credibility of the sport while the case is being addressed. 

Specifically, if an athlete accumulates three instances of whereabouts failures (including Filing Failure and/or Missed Test) within a 12-month period, it is considered a violation of the anti-doping rules. The prescribed sanction for such a violation is a period of ineligibility lasting two years.

However, depending on the level of fault attributed to the athlete, this sanction can be reduced to a minimum of one year. These rules establish a clear framework outlining the consequences for non-compliance with the whereabouts requirements set forth by World Athletics.