Week 3, Day 6, Recovery Week Three

Today, take a 45-50-minute run or a 45-minute walk.

This is the beginning of the third week of our two—to three-week recovery time. The idea is to get a physical, mental, and spiritual break. We read books, nap, goof off, and get outside and enjoy nature.

This week, we suggest daily (4-5) 45-minute runs in the cool part of the day, relaxed, as a pre-week for the Summer Mileage Program, something we have done since the early 2000s.

The US Olympic Trials are tough, but they are straightforward. The British Trials take the first 2, well most of the time, then, select a third, but only if they have made the British selection standards, even if they were invited by World Athletics due to their World Rankings.

Team GB sent no women throwers (one was 5 cm off the standard, and a steeplechaser, who was invited to Paris by World Athletics and missed the Olympic standard by .15 of a second!

So, each country has its strangeness.

Alan Abrahamson wrote a piece about the honesty of the Olympic Trials system, which I encourage you to read: https://www.3wiresports.com/articles/2024/6/28/the-brutalist-trials-the-ultimate-american-exemplar-of-meritocracy-keep-it-that-way

Stuart Weir explains the Team GB for Paris and who misses out:https://www.runblogrun.com/2024/07/team-gb-athletics-squad-confirmed-for-paris-2024.html

Phil Norman misses steeplechase Olympic standard by .15! photo by Getty Images for British Athletics




Saturday , July 6, 2024

A 45-50-minute easy run.

If you need something to do outside (it is hot today), walk 30 minutes early, ride a bike, or, best yet, take a leisurely swim and enjoy the day!