This is Monday, January 1, 2024.

This is New Year’s Day.

The first day of the year.

We are beginning ten weeks of Indoor Track training and racing or Winter training.

The focus is 800m to 5,000m, but 400m runners and 400m hurdlers are welcome to join.

After three weeks of recovery, we will begin quite easily.

Warm up slowly and hydrate.

Run 34-45 minutes, pretty easy,

and then,

slowly cooldown.


Change your sweaty clothes and get into

something dry.

Deep thought from Larry for January 1, 2024: The truth about training is this. It is all about the muscle memory. Cumulative days of moderate training, with some tough days thrown in, will get you fit, and you should stay healthy. Attention to detail is key. Go to a running store now, and try on at least six brands of shoes, run around in them. Our dear friend, the late Gary Goettleman of Ryan’s Sports, would tell you if you get hassled, go to another store. We also suggest 2 pairs of training shoes, one for easy days (cushy) and one for fast days (trainer/racer). Juggle the shoes each day and each workout. Keep them dry, and wear clean socks.