Our training weeks begin on Monday.

This is your daily training for Monday, February 16, 2024.

You need an easy day after a race on Saturday and a long run on Sunday.

Your workout,


45-55 minutes of moderate running,

6×150 meter stride-outs,



recover, get wet clothes off, change into dry clothes,

Larry’s Deep Thoughts: Recover days mean a lot in training. The consistency of your hard days and the consistency of your recovery days will pay out well in April and May racing! 

Last weekend, Henry Wynne ran a PB of 3:52.62 to win in Seattle this past weekend! Allie Buchalski ran 15:03.00, and Kayley Delay ran 15:05.96, a big night for Brooks Beasts TC. Work hard, focus, and race well! The meet was the Ken Shannon Invite (Feb. 23-24, 2024)

This is the special make for Josh Kerr. This is the Brooks Hyperion Elite LD from Brooks Running