This is Saturday, February 10, 2024.

This is your day at the races.

This is a busy weekend indoors, although indoor meets in NYC and Boston seem to happen each and every day.

Your workout today:

Warmup slowly,

Race indoors or outdoors (where safe) today,

Outdoors, a flat 5k on the roads or a mile/ 3k at all comers meet.

Indoors, a 1000m, mile, or 3k.

After the race, run for 30 minutes, easy to moderate,

Cooldown slowly,



get wet clothes off after the race,

Larry’s Deep Thoughts: Race early, race often. We know that the big races are in the late spring, but we use races to help build racing skills. Racing a 3k, a 1000m, or an 800m this week indoors would be great. A 5k outdoors is a good option as well.

Josh Kerr, 2023 World Champion at 1,500 meters, will be racing the 2 miles at the 116th Millrose Games tomorrow, 11 February 2024, for more on Millrose,

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