This is the RunBlogRun Winter Training Program. Since 1996 on the RunningNetwork and 2006 on RunBlogRun, we have provided a daily digital training program for training in cross country and track & field. We reach just over 30,000 coaches and 600,000 athletes in cross country, and 1.5 million in track & field. 

RunBlogRun provides a ten-week Winter Training program, 14 weeks for Outdoor Track, 3 weeks break, 10 weeks of Summer Mileage, 12 weeks of Fall Cross Country, and 3 weeks recovery each year to our high school coaches and high school athletes. 

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This is Wednesday, January 17, 2024.

Today is a recovery day, which allows your body and brain to recover from the stress of hard training.

Our body needs stress to build fitness. It also needs recovery days so the body can recover from the hard days.

Brooks Wire 8, for the 20223-2024 season, from Brooks Running

Your workout today:

Warm-up slowly,

45-55 minutes of moderate running on trails or well-surfaced roads.

Finish with 6×150 meter stride outs.

Cooldown slowly,


get your wet clothes off, move to dry clothes,

Talk to your friends, relax a bit.

Deep thoughts from Larry: Last year, Nia Atkins, an elite 800m runner at Brooks Beasts TC, won both the USATF Indoor at 800m and the USATF Outdoor at 800m. Nia made it to the final in the 800m at the World Champs in Budapest, running a PB of 1:57.73 in sixth place! Nia Atkins told the media that 2023 helped build her confidence. Nia Atkins is focused on the Paris Olympics in 2024. We wish her the very best!

Wire 8 info sheet from Brooks Running