This is Wednesday, February 28, 2024.

This is your workout for Week 9, Day 3.

Your workout today:

Warm-up today,

45-55 minutes easy to moderate pace,

6 x 150-meter stride-outs,



get out of wet clothes,


Larry’s Deep Thought: Recovery day is a day to reduce the stress in your workout so your body can recover. Keep the day relaxed. 

Fiona O’Keefe, our photo of the day, surprised many in Orlando last month. At the Olympic Trials, Fiona and Dakota Lindwurm led a pack of 12 at the half marathon (1:11.48) before Fiona, breaking away at 17 miles, built on her lead and took the win in 2:22.10, a new Course record and her debut at the marathon. Coaches by Alistair and Amy Cragg at PUMA Elite, Fiona was allowed to grow organically over long distances.

Fiona O’Keefe went to Stanford University and competed in the 5,000m and 10,000m. Now, Fiona is on her first Olympic team! To learn more about PUMA, please go to

Gianmarco Tamberi HJ, photo by PUMA AG communications