This is Saturday, June 17, 2023.

This is your final race day of the 2023 track season.

The NB Nationals and Nike Nationals are this weekends; some athletes have the USATF Juniors shortly.

Race with abandon today.

Warm up well, see what you can do, leave nothing on the track, and then cool down, thank the officials, your coaches, and your competitors.

And we will provide you with two relaxed weeks.

After my senior track season in 1976, my training partner, Bob Lucas, and I spent 4 weeks building into shape to race a one-hour run.

We did it at the Pacific AAU One hour champs and ran in the junior race.

I ran in the first heat and was lapped six times by guys going over 12 miles in an hour; I just missed 10 miles.

Bob went just over 10 miles in the second heat.

It was a fun introduction to a world of running that we have enjoyed for the past nearly 50 years.

Here’s to the next part of your journey!