This is your workout for Monday, October 2, 2023

This is a recovery day.

Many of our recovery days (6-8 miles) were done on the Guadalupe Parkway in the 1970s while I was at Bellarmine and Santa Clara.

The Parkway was a long dirt access road from downtown San Jose to Alviso, CA. The gang of Pete Dolan, Bob Lucas, Chris Sakamaki, Nicky Pelingua, and Chris Schenone would run down the Parkway, and distances were “Bridges”, 2 bridges were 4 miles, 6 bridges were to Alviso, about an 11-mile round trip. Alviso was cool because you could get the breeze from the Bay.

Most of the farmers along the way were Japanese Americans, and they would let us grab some water from the hose and give us some strawberries occasionally. They thought we were nuts running!

The Guadelupe is now pretty homogenized, with concrete paths, etc. I understand some salmon run in the creek again!

But for me, Guadalupe was an easy day run.

My workoutout, 45-55 minute run (3 -4 bridges), 6 x150m meter strideouts, cooldown.