10 essential Questions to consider when choosing safe track surfaces


As a track coach or facilities manager, one of the most consequential decisions one must make is on the surface used on the track and field facility. It is not just about budget but also your consumer’s safety.

Photo courtesy of CONICA AG

Here are ten questions that you might want to ask yourself and your team:

1. How is your surface going to be used?
Is it for daily training and competitions, or competitions only? You may want a surfaced composed to take those considerations into your decision. A daily training surface is quite a different site than a surface that is required for a yearly meeting.

2. How many consumers will use your surface?
Your surface will need to manage (with proper maintenance) the foot traffic.

3. How long do you want your facility to last?
Speak with your suppliers on the lifespan of surfaces. Some suppliers also offer a retop after a certain time.

4. How do you keep injuries down on a surface?
There is nothing worse than an injury-prone track. Your reputation can be damaged within seconds. A forgiving surface for daily use may be in order.

5. How do you determine if a surface meets your needs?
Research is key. Talk to the end users, Athletes, Coaches, and Associations. You can also get information from your potential suppliers and search the Internet.

6. When do you need your facility?
Planning your schedule to build the facility is a juggling act. All of the key players have to be involved. Therefore, start early!

Photos courtesy of CONICA AG

7. How do you find out how competitive surfaces handle your area’s climate and sun conditions?
Talk to your track supplier! They have tested the various climate conditions of the track.

8. How do you satisfy the needs of coaches, trainers, and athletes regarding the surfaces?
Involve them in the decision; they know best what they need.

9. How do you satisfy the rules/certification of high school sports, NCAA, USATF, European Athletics, and World Athletics Class 1/ Class 2 for track specifications?
Your track supplier can help you here.

10. And how do you know that the supplier you use, the builders you use, and the team you use consider this more than a pay check and see the importance of the facility in the same light you do?
Talk to the market leaders’ track suppliers; they have decades of experience and live for the track and field sports.


At CONICA, we supply surfaces for tracks and sporting surfaces around the globe. Ask us, and we can show you samples of surfaces that have been successful for more than 20 years!

CONICA believes in the safety of the athlete, whether they are a daily jogger, a developing athlete, or an elite athlete. We have the surface that will answer your needs and the team to install it, respecting your needs and budget.

The decision on a sports surface is critical for your community, school, facility, or event. Let CONICA help you make a safe decision that is good for all of your users!