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Focus-N-Fly to Launch Interactive, Online Training Resource

01/22/2009 - 11:32

focusnflyDaniels09.jpg January 22, 2009 from press release Focus-N-Fly, a San Francisco Bay Area based training solution that has helped runners produce thousands of personal bests since 2001, has developed a completely new, interactive, online training service designed to provide distance runners of all abilities with personalized training resources previously only available to those with a personal coach.

In January of 2009, Focus-N-Fly will begin offering its algorithm-based service to the public, allowing runners from across the web to take advantage of a training resource with Web 2.0 capabilities for the first time. Jack Daniels, PhD, will keynote a launch event on Thursday, January 22nd (6:30-9:00 PM) at the Sports Basement Presidio in San Francisco.

With Focus-N-Fly, you can move past the printed page, to a dynamic training schedule that is based on personal goals, background and training availability. As members record training and race results the system automatically updates to optimize training. The objective is to maintain appropriate stress at current fitness level so the athlete can condition, recover and then run a race at peak performance.

All this is available now at a subscription price of $16/ month when you sign-up for a year. New members can try the program FREE for 15 days.

Focus-N-Fly IS:
• A web-based calendar of detailed daily workouts with individually tailored paces based on years of coaching success and the physiological research of Jack Daniels, PhD.
• A daily email reminder to your Blackberry, iPhone or Pre detailing your workout. No need to log on every single day.
• A community of runners from all walks of life, sharing insight and reflections on training and race experiences.
• The training resource for runners of ALL levels, including multiple 2008 Olympic Marathon Trials competitors, and the Silicon Valley / Monterey Bay Chapter of the Lymphoma and Leukemia Society’s Team in Training.

Focus-N-Fly is NOT:

• A one-page sheet you print out and stick on your refrigerator for 20 weeks until your marathon race day

• A one-size-fits-all training program that does not take into account your changing fitness and background

• A purely event based service that will leave you high and dry the day after you finish your first race

Find out more about Focus-N-Fly, RSVP to the Launch Event, or Join now by visiting:

Tom McGlynn

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