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ARCONA MEN Targeted, Powerful All Natural Luxury Skincare For Men

11/16/2009 - 19:11

arcona.jpgARCONA MEN Targeted, Powerful All Natural Luxury Skincare For Men - Now ARCONA introduces its first ever MEN’S line, an 8-Piece Collection ($24-52) featuring the brand’s signature all-natural, but highly effective, live, active ingredients. Introducing ARCONA Men – an 8 pc. skincare line with ultra modern packaging and ultra manly names – here are brief descriptions of the products:

Consistency: Daily firming facial hydrator, leaves skin balanced and more contoured - $42.00
Efficiency: Daily cleansing and toning bar - minimize pores, restore skin’s ph balance - $38.00
Overtime: Acts to repair sun damaged skin and reverse the signs of aging – $52.00
Clairty: Aftershave tonic on cotton pads a quick fix to mediate razor burn & combat ingrown hairs - $28.00
Productivity: Exfoliant scrub decongests large pores, leaves skin more refined - $42.00
Proficiency: Two-in-one cleanser & toner for face and body aids in minimizing breakouts - $32.00
Resolve: Soothing aftershave balm alleviates heat and irritation of razor burn - $24.00
Restore: Powerful wrinkle repair complex, made for delicate face and eye areas- $38.00

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