Hobbs Kessler is one of the truly up-and-coming milers in American distance running. Hobbs runs for adidas, having turned professional right after high school. I am not a big fan of athletes going professional after high school, but Hobbs Kessler seems to handle it well. And he is part of a strong running culture, a group that takes a long-term look at their involvement in the sport. 

In February 2021, Hobbs Kessler ran 3:57.66, setting the American indoor record for the high school mile. This writer was lucky enough to see Hobbs run 3:34.67 for the U20 North American record at the Portland Track Festival in May 2021. Hobbs has true talent, and I was fascinated with his training and advice from Nick Willis, one of the finest milers, in my estimation, on the planet. Hobbs now trains with the Very Nice Track Club under the watchful eye of Ron Warhurst, one of the finest coaches in our sport. 

Hobbs Kessler has the tools, the support, and talent to go all of the ways. This season will give him the chance to further develop his talents.

Hobbs Kessler, in my mind, is just beginning his journey to becoming a player on the global stage. Stay tuned.

Hobbs Kessler, promotion, Diamond League 2022, by Very Nice TC

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ANN ARBOR (USA, Jan 7): Hobbs Kessler won the 1000m in 2:20.76 ahead of the Briton Charlie Grice in 2:21.23 at Wolverine Invitational.



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