This is the seventh article from Stuart Weir on the Birmingham World Indoor Tour Final.

This piece is about Grant Holloway, one of the most fascinating athletes in the sport. That he picked the hurdles to be his challenge is fascinating. The 60-meter hurdle has five hurdles and goes by in less than seven and one-half seconds. One must stay focused and one must keep the pressures under control.

Grant Holloway takes win in 7.35 at Birmingham WIT Final, photo by Getty Images for British Athletics

Grant Holloway told editor Larry Eder that he would compete in a few indoor meets in Europe, as many as he needed. Well, Grant competed in two and came off with two wins and two WL.

Now, it is on to Eugene and Budapest.

The #JourneytoGold, for Grant Holloway, began after his performance in Tokyo in 2021. Look at his wins indoors, wins outdoors, and now his build-up towards Budapest 2023.

Thanks to Stuart Weir for this enjoyable piece on the great hurdler.

60m hurdles

Unbeaten in his entire 60m hurdles career, Grant Holloway is one of the best track and field athletes around at the moment, having won the world 110m hurdles title back-to-back, the world 60m hurdles title last year on top of his Olympic silver medal from Tokyo. He also holds the world indoor record of 7.29, which he has done twice.

Grant Holloway, Feb. 25, 2023, photo by Getty Images for British Athletics

 Talking before the Indoor Series final in Birmingham, he said: “My perfect race would be 7.28 indoors and 12.79 outdoors, those are the two perfect races. I am close to both of them. I have been able to produce fast times indoors and outdoors, at championships, at Diamond Leagues. I think I have proven myself on every single level there is and now it is just time to run free. There is no more time chasing, I have already solidified myself in history, now is the time to run free and believe that it’s possible”.  

The Men’s 60m hurdles, photo by Getty Images / British Athletics

Holloway won the race in 7.35 from Daniel Roberts (7.47). Holloway summed up his efforts: “It was a great race, the stadium record makes it that much better. To come out here and execute feels great and I’m looking forward to the outdoor season. I can’t wait to get back home, see the family, see my pup, and get back to work. My goal was to come out here, have a little bit of fun and go out there and I did that. The future is bright for me”.

Daniel Roberts and Grant Holloway, 60m hurdles, Birmingham, photo by Getty Images/ British Athletics

 Daniel Roberts said: “I’m happy with the race and how it went, it was competitive, and this is the fastest that I’ve run since 2019. It sets it up nicely for the outdoor season”.

Grant Holloway and Daniel Roberts, photo by Getty Images/ British Athletics




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