Today is Monday, March 6, 2023.

Today is day one, Week Ten of the 2023 RunBlogRun Winter Training Block.

Easy days or recovery days are critical in each athlete’s development. As you get fitter, your easy days change, but the focus is the same,

keep it relaxed and keep the goals in mind. It is not about winning the workouts; it is about achieving the workout goals and winning your races.

In my fifty years in the sport, I have seen athletes of all ages either respect or disregard easy days, and there are consequences to those actions.

I recall a story about a world-class athlete who would purposely run his easy days with runners who kept him nice and slow, working within his easy day plans. He could have done his easy days with his teammates and raced on the easy days too, but then, he would not have run eight PB races in a row. Kind of funny how that works out, isn’t it?

Run Smart, Train Smart.

Your workout today is warm-up, 45-55 minutes in rolling hills, good footing, and slowly cool down.




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