This is your workout for Saturday, January 7, 2023.

This is week one, day six of the Winter Training Block for 2023.

We kept this week pretty light. Today you can run an easy 40 minutes or run a race shorter or longer than your Spring focus. So, if you race 800m, try the 400m, 600m, or 1000m. If you race 3k, try the 1,500m or two miles, or 5000m.

The indoor season is 8-10 weeks in the season, and as we see it, a nice diversion, but the focus is Outdoor season and fall cross country. This is a long-term approach. No issues with indoors as long as it is not the rabbit hole that takes you away from the serious season.

Your workout for today is warm up slowly, 40 minutes run on trails, cooldown. Or, if you choose to race,

warm up slowly, do some stride outs, race, then a long cooldown, and stretch well after the cooldown.



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